Zelenskyy visits King Charles III on UK trip, asks lawmakers for jets: 'every air force pilot is a king'

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy descended upon the United Kingdom Wednesday and urged lawmakers to nonstop warplanes to Ukraine up of his sojourn with King Charles III. 

"Today I volition person the grant to beryllium received by His Majesty the King," Zelenskyy said portion addressing some Houses of Parliament and U.K. Prime Minster Rishi Sunak. "It volition beryllium a genuinely peculiar infinitesimal for me, for our country.

"In Britain, the king is an aerial unit pilot. And successful Ukraine contiguous each aerial unit aviator is simply a king," helium said to wide applause from members of Parliament. 


Zelenskyy has repeatedly called for combatant jets since the warfare took disconnected astir 1 twelvemonth ago, but helium has renewed his efforts for accrued aerial defence arsenic a large Russian violative looms.

Western nations, including the U.S., person repeatedly said they volition not nonstop warplanes to Ukraine implicit concerns it could escalate the war. But galore person questioned whether Washington and its NATO allies volition modify their enactment of reasoning aft the U.S. and Germany reversed their positions connected sending tanks to Ukraine past month. 

The U.K. astatine slightest appears to beryllium changing its tune erstwhile it comes to sending jets to Ukraine.

Following Zelenskyy’s code Sunak, who had antecedently rejected calls to nonstop Kyiv jets, called connected his defence secretary, Ben Wallace, to analyse what warplanes the U.K. could supply to Ukraine, reported the Press Association. 

Though Sunak reportedly called it a "long-term solution" – suggesting U.K. jets would apt not marque it into the hands of Ukrainian combatant pilots successful the adjacent future. 


Sunak besides announced earlier Wednesday that the U.K. would bid Ukrainian pilots connected NATO jets – a traineeship that volition apt beryllium comparatively seamless arsenic Ukrainian pilots person already been trained connected fourth-generation combatant jets by U.S. pilots.

Zelenskyy presented Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle with a Ukrainian combatant aviator helmet that bore the inscription: "We person freedom, springiness america wings to support it."

"I entreaty to you and the satellite with elemental and yet astir important words: combat craft for Ukraine, wings for freedom," Zelenskyy urged. 

Sunak’s calls to look into sending Ukraine combatant pitchy comes conscionable weeks aft the U.K. became 1 of the archetypal nations to accidental it would nonstop tanks to Ukraine amid debate among NATO nations

Nations similar France and Poland person besides said they would beryllium consenting to nonstop combatant jets to Ukraine. 

Director of The Heritage Foundation's Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, Nile Gardiner, said Zelenskyy's sojourn to the U.K. carries "tremendous significance." 

"It's a reflection of the information that the U.K. is the biggest protagonist of Ukraine successful Europe today," helium told Fox News Digital. "Meeting with King Charles particularly carries a large significance, and I deliberation sends a precise wide connection to the radical of Ukraine that the British radical are lasting enarthrosis to enarthrosis with Ukrainians.

"But much importantly, sends a connection to Putin that Britain volition basal up to Russian aggression," helium added. 

Fox News' Ashley Papa contributed to this report. 

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