State of the Union 2023: Border officials take aim at Biden’s 'maddening' remarks on migrant crisis

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Current and erstwhile top borderline officials were near unconvinced by President Biden’s remarks successful his State of the Union code connected the situation astatine the confederate borderline -- criticizing some the claims of success, the brevity of his remarks, and his entreaty for an amnesty for millions of amerciable immigrants.

"It was underwhelming for the American people, and it was maddening for Border Patrol agents," Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council told Fox News Digital connected Wednesday. "All helium did was deflect, walk the subordinate erstwhile helium has the authorization to hole this occupation tomorrow."

Mark Morgan, a erstwhile caput of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) during the Trump administration, deed retired astatine Biden for lone concisely mentioning the borderline successful the hour-long speech.

"Here we are successful the midst of the worst self-inflicted, unmitigated borderline information catastrophe successful our lifetime," the erstwhile CBP acting commissioner said. "And I deliberation helium spoke astir it for 4 lines… helium virtually spent much clip talking astir baggage fees and the request that airlines complaint families other to acceptable unneurotic than helium did the borderline crisis."


Having been rocked by a migrant situation astatine the confederate borderline present into its 3rd year, with a grounds 2.3 cardinal migrant encounters and astir 600,000 "gotaways" successful FY 2022, Biden utilized his remarks to entreaty for legislature enactment and to tout numbers that suggest caller borderline measures introduced successful January are working. Those measures expanded a humanitarian parole programme to let 30,000 Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Haitians and Cubans into the U.S. each period combined with an hold of Title 42 expulsions to see those nationalities.

Fox News confirmed Tuesday that numbers were down from the historical precocious of 251,000 encounters successful December to astir 150,000 successful January -- the lowest since February 2021. Biden cited stats that showed they were working. 

"We've launched a caller borderline program past month, unlawful migration from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela person travel down 97%." Biden said.

Biden besides touted increases successful staffing astatine the border, accrued anti-smuggling operations and besides accrued fentanyl seizures astatine the border.

"We present person a grounds fig of unit moving to unafraid the border, arresting 8,000 quality smugglers and seizing implicit 23,000 pounds of fentanyl successful conscionable the past respective months," helium said.

Judd warned that portion the borderline measures person apt had an impact, that is improbable to proceed without further action, and pointed to what happened erstwhile the medication initially introduced the argumentation for Venezuelans lone successful October.

"A mates of months agone erstwhile helium started extending Title 42 to Venezuelans, we saw an contiguous driblet for the archetypal respective days of the fig of radical crossing the borderline due to the fact that the immense bulk of radical that were ever astatine the borderline were Venezuelans. So we saw an contiguous driblet close then. But past the cartels, each they did was regenerate them with a antithetic population. That's wherefore we saw truthful galore much Nicaraguans. That's wherefore we saw truthful galore much Cubans," Judd said. 

"So present each the cartels person to bash is conscionable spell advertise services successful different countries and regenerate the Nicaraguans, Cubans, Haitians and Venezuelans with a antithetic population. And they ever adapt. They're precise bully astatine adapting. If you bash not enforce Title 42 crossed the committee with each azygous country, we're ne'er going to get retired of this rut. The cartels volition conscionable accommodate to our policies," helium said.

Morgan described the assertion by Biden arsenic "B.S. swamp speak" and noted that the driblet successful numbers tin lone beryllium seen successful airy of the further parole entries each period -- which galore conservatives and borderline hawks judge are amerciable due to the fact that they violate legislature limits connected the usage of parole


"So they virtually made a woody with amerciable aliens: ‘Pretty please. If you halt illegally entering, what we'll bash is we'll crook the different mode portion we proceed to let you to record a fraudulent assertion oregon we'll circumvent the full strategy against the instrumentality that Congress enacted, and we'll conscionable parole you successful speech for you not illegally entering and past we're going to assertion victory,'" helium said.

Officials besides pushed backmost connected the claims astir the accrued fentanyl seizures, arsenic good arsenic calls by Biden for accrued exertion screening astatine ports of introduction -- informing that it ignores the fentanyl slipping past agents successful the field.

"The crushed truthful overmuch fentanyl is coming successful this state and killed implicit 100,000 Americans is due to the fact that 80% of the Border Patrol are taken disconnected the enactment to process this historical surge," erstwhile acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan said connected Fox & Friends First. "That's an accidental for [cartels] to determination much fentanyl across, determination much criminals across, determination much known and suspected terrorists across. The crushed this is happening is that the border's wide open, and helium caused it intentionally."

In his remarks, Biden besides Congress to walk parts of a sweeping migration measure that helium introduced astatine the opening of his presidency -- the cardinal diagnostic being a pathway to citizenship for millions of amerciable immigrants. It’s 1 of a fig of efforts by the administration to enactment the shot successful Congress’ tribunal connected the matter, and officials person besides hammered Republicans implicit what they says is simply a nonaccomplishment to supply further backing astatine the border.

"America’s borderline problems won’t beryllium fixed until Congress acts. If you won’t walk my broad migration reform, astatine slightest walk my program to supply the instrumentality and officers to unafraid the border. And a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, those connected impermanent status, workplace workers, and indispensable workers," helium said.

Morgan said that Biden has lone enactment guardant an migration bill, erstwhile what is needed is simply a borderline information bill, and accused the medication of holding borderline information "hostage."

"They're saying ‘we volition not unafraid the borders, we volition not bash our law work to support Americans from threats from extracurricular our federation unless you springiness radical that person been present illegally amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. Unless you springiness radical that are present illegally successful usurpation of the regularisation of instrumentality and our sovereignty unless you springiness them amnesty, we volition not let you to unafraid a border.’ And the president said the aforesaid happening past night," helium said.

Judd said that what agents connected the beforehand lines needed was contiguous action, and determination was nary motion of that from the State of the Union.

"We person to look astatine an contiguous solution due to the fact that what we're dealing with is chaos. And the lone contiguous solution is enforcement enactment and that's what we're not getting from this administration. We're not getting immoderate enforcement actions. So we tin proceed we tin expect the chaos to proceed for a agelong time," helium said.

"Ultimately, what needs to happen?" helium said. "We bash request laws to beryllium passed, we request loopholes to beryllium closed successful a strategy that the cartels are precise virtually exploiting precise easily. We person to person a instrumentality passed. But determination are solutions successful the immediacy. And that's what we're not getting."

Homan, meanwhile, besides said that Biden caused the situation by reversing the winding down of Trump-era policies that created what helium called "the astir unafraid borderline successful my lifetime" nether the anterior administration, noting that amerciable migration was astatine a 45-year low. He said helium could hole it by reversing course.

"[Biden] knows wherefore there's a historical situation connected the border, but he's going to beryllium determination and blasted Congress, Congress could instrumentality immoderate action, absolutely, but helium caused this, and helium tin crook this happening astir connected a dime. He could alteration it time if we enactment backmost the policies that the Trump medication proved were effective."

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