Patrick Mahomes winning second Super Bowl would ignite Tom Brady comparisons, ex-Chiefs star says

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Patrick Mahomes is starring the Kansas City Chiefs into their 3rd Super Bowl quality successful the past 4 seasons with a changeable astatine a 2nd ringing firmly successful scope – each coming earlier his 28th birthday.

Mahomes is connected par with Pro Football Hall of Famer Len Dawson done the archetypal six seasons of his career. The Texas autochthonal has a ring, 3 league championships, 5 Pro Bowl selections and 2 All-Pro nods. Dawson had a ring, 3 AFL championships, 7 Pro Bowl selections and 2 All-Pro nods from 1957 to 1975.

Former Chiefs prima moving backmost Jamaal Charles believes what Mahomes has done makes him 1 of the champion players successful franchise past already and puts him connected a way to catching Tom Brady arsenic the top of each time.


"He’s decidedly passed maine for definite for being the all-time top Chief subordinate already with what he’s accomplished," Charles told Fox News Digital successful a caller interview. "He’s already won a Super Bowl and he’s been to the Super Bowl 3 times. He’s decidedly 1 of the top all-time Chiefs players, and Travis Kelce arsenic well.

"If helium wins this, it’s not astir the Chiefs – it’s what his bequest (will be) successful the NFL. Can helium proceed to beryllium chasing Tom Brady. That’s fundamentally the goal. Everybody’s gonna commencement comparing him."

Charles was a four-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro with Kansas City. He racked up 7,260 yards and 43 touchdowns successful his 9 seasons with the Chiefs. He expressed to Fox News Digital conscionable however assured helium was astir Kansas City pulling it off.


"I’m a 100 (percent confident) being a Chiefs player," Charles said. "A batch of radical don’t judge truthful it kinda makes maine consciousness similar I should believe. I’m similar why? A batch of radical deliberation the Eagles are going to win. But I judge successful manager Andy Reid. They bash an awesome occupation of preparing their players earlier a bye and preparing them for a game. I cognize everybody successful the locker country is gonna beryllium soaked up and acceptable to play.

"Some of the guys person already been connected that signifier earlier and immoderate of the Eagles players person been connected the signifier arsenic good – immoderate of the antiaircraft guys – but we person violative guys’ acquisition and we person antiaircraft guys’ experience."

Charles is hoping the Chiefs tin propulsion retired the dub connected Sunday and with that the squad tin present immoderate ice-cold brews for their Super Bowl celebration.

The erstwhile NFL subordinate hopes to "Bring Home The Bud Light" for the game. Fully-stocked Bud Light trucks volition caput to Kansas City and Philadelphia to hole for the imaginable parties. Fans besides person a accidental to triumph escaped Bud Light by tweeting #easytoenjoy and #sweepstakes to participate the contention for their party.

Charles said helium was "super excited" to assistance bring the Bud Light trucks backmost to the metropolis wherever helium made fans roar astatine Arrowhead Stadium.

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