Newt Gingrich rips Biden's 'fantasy' State of the Union: 'On the verge of laughable'

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called retired President Biden's "totally dishonest" State of the Union, Wednesday, telling "America's Newsroom" the president appeared to beryllium surviving connected a antithetic satellite connected China's spy threat, the system and the borderline crisis.


NEWT GINGRICH: I deliberation this was a fantasy State of the Union. You got to perceive from a feline who resides successful a White House, flies connected Marine One to the airdrome to prime up Air Force One to spell to Delaware, truthful helium tin bicycle each weekend. His satellite is fine. It's conscionable the remainder of america who are successful pain. And I deliberation what you saw past nighttime was a code that was wholly disconnected from reality. His comments astir China were connected the verge of laughable. You know, 'we've met this situation and we did what was necessary.' That's baloney. So wholly dishonest. His comments astir the border, wholly dishonest, his effort to onslaught the Republicans connected Medicare and Social Security. Totally dishonest. It was a breathtaking speech. 

I mean, helium conscionable virtually stood determination and lied to the American radical again and again. And the occupation he's got is, 72% of the American radical accidental they're surviving paycheck to paycheck. So they perceive this feline archer them however large it is and thinking, what, you know, what satellite is helium on? The American radical ticker the Chinese balloon spell each the mode crossed the country. As the Babylon Bee enactment it. The balloon got to decorativeness his occupation earlier helium changeable it down. And they conscionable look astatine that worldly and think, does this feline truly judge immoderate of this worldly he's saying? 

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