Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Magic Johnson's prediction was wrong on reaction to LeBron James breaking record

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LeBron James broke the NBA’s all-time scoring record Tuesday, surpassing Los Angeles Lakers fable Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for archetypal connected the prestigious list. 

Abdul-Jabbar, who has owned the grounds since the 1984 season, was successful attendance astatine the Crypto.com arena, passing the torch to the four-time NBA champion. 

Much has been made of however Abdul-Jabbar would respond to his grounds being broken, with a erstwhile teammate and NBA fable predicting a mediocre response successful October. 


"I don’t deliberation well," Earvin "Magic" Johnson told Shannon Sharpe connected the "Club Shay Shay" podcast erstwhile asked however Abdul-Jabbar volition grip being passed. 

"And the information that it’s a dude playing for the Lakers too," Johnson continued. "It’s a dude playing successful LA. I deliberation it volition beryllium a hard pill to swallow."

On Wednesday, Abdul-Jabbar addressed his grounds being breached arsenic good arsenic Johnson’s content that helium would beryllium upset by being passed connected the NBA’s all-time scoring list


"I emotion Earvin and, aft forty years of friendship, helium knows maine beauteous well. If helium publically announced that I had abruptly shrunk to 5’2", adjacent I would beryllium tempted to judge him," Abdul-Jabbar wrote connected his Substack. 

"But, successful this case, helium was very, precise wrong. I don’t blasted him for reasoning that I mightiness beryllium bothered due to the fact that helium knows however competitory I utilized to be. And, if idiosyncratic had breached my grounds wrong 10 years of maine mounting it, helium would astir apt beryllium right. I mightiness person hobbled retired of status conscionable to adhd a fewer much points connected my record."

Abdul-Jabbar explained that 34 years aft his status from basketball, the grounds is not thing helium dwells on. 

"Sorry, Earvin. I emotion you, brother, but this clip you got it wrong," Abdul-Jabbar continued. "I’m not the grumpy grandpa connected the structure yelling astatine kids to enactment disconnected my lawn. I fret overmuch much implicit picking the close connection successful this condemnation than successful my grounds being broken." 

James needed 36 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder successful bid to surpass Abdul-Jabbar, ending his nighttime with 38 points successful a 133-130 nonaccomplishment to OKC. 

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