Influencer Busted For Spending COVID-19 Relief Money On A Bentley And More

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A Miami existent property broker and influencer has been busted for fraudulently utilizing COVID-19 alleviation funds to money her lavish lifestyle. According to New York Post, 31-year-old Daniela Rendon has been accused of utilizing the pandemic alleviation wealth connected a caller Bentley, cosmetic procedures, a luxury flat and overmuch more. 

Ms Rendon, who refers to herself arsenic an 'Ultra Luxury' existent property cause connected LinkedIn, was fixed $381,000 (Rs 3,15,00,298) done the Small Business Administration and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), an inaugural designed to assistance entrepreneurs for sustaining their businesses.  

However, prosecutors claimed, that alternatively of utilizing the currency to support morganatic employees afloat amid the pandemic, she utilized the wealth for idiosyncratic summation and splurged it connected her friends and family. The wealth was utilized to lease a 2021 Bentley Bentayga, which is sold for astir $181,000 (Rs 1,49,66,156). She besides utilized the funds for buying decorator shoes, luxury apartments, and cosmetic procedures, among different things. 

Not lone that, she was acold from being discreet and showed disconnected her opulent manner connected her Instagram profile. Ms. Rendon regularly posted pics of herself to her societal media accounts wearing fancy clothes, going connected tropical vacations and travelling connected backstage jets. However, aft her indictment, she deleted each of her societal media profiles. 

The influencer made her quality successful national magistrate tribunal connected February 2 and was charged with fraudulently obtaining COVID-19 alleviation loans and grants nether the Paycheck Protection Program.  

Federal authorities stated that to propulsion disconnected the scheme, Ms Rendon had falsified documents related to a existent property concern to look eligible for the PPP program. She present faces 7 counts of ligament fraud and wealth laundering that could onshore her successful situation for up to 20 years. 

A press merchandise from the United States Department of Justice states, ''According to the charges, Rendon received astir $381,000 successful fraudulent funds. To disburse the funds, she is alleged to person enrolled with a payroll processor to contented fraudulent payroll checks to herself, household members, and friends. She is alleged to person utilized the fraudulently obtained funds to lease a 2021 Bentley Bentayga, rent a luxury Biscayne Bay apartment, wage for cosmetic dermatology procedures, and refinish her decorator shoes.'' 

A justice acceptable her enslaved astatine $150,000 aft prosecutors deemed her to beryllium a formation risk. She volition present combat the charges against her. 

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