FLASHBACK: Biden introduced bill to sunset all federal programs — including Social Security

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President Biden, portion inactive a legislator for Delaware, introduced authorities to sunset each national programs, including Social Security and Medicare, Fox News Digital has learned.

In 1975, portion Biden was successful the precocious enclosure of Congress, the now-president put guardant a measure requiring each national programs to sunset aft 4 years.

When pushing his measure arsenic a senator, Biden said "it requires each programme to beryllium looked astatine freshly astatine slightest erstwhile each 4 years."


"The introspection is not conscionable of the accrued outgo of the program, but of the worthiness of the full program," the president said successful 1975.

Biden doubled down connected his authorities successful the 90s, saying connected the Senate level that his measure would impact Social Security.

"When I argued that we should frost national spending, I meant Social Security, arsenic well," Biden said. "I meant Medicare and Medicaid. I meant veterans’ benefits."

"I meant each azygous solitary happening successful the national government," Biden said. "And I not lone tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a 3rd time, and I tried it a 4th time."

Senator Rick Scott, R-Fla., accused Biden of lying astir his legislative plans successful a Wednesday connection to Fox News Digital.

"It’s telling that Joe Biden utilized his State of the Union code to prevarication astir my plan. If Biden had a azygous accomplishment to talk of, helium wouldn’t person to prevarication astir me," Scott said.

"I don’t person a measure to chopped Social Security and Medicare, but Joe Biden did," helium continued.

The White House did not instantly respond to Fox News Digital's petition for comment.

Biden claimed during his State of the Union code connected Tuesday that Republicans wanted to "sunset" Social Security and Medicare, eliciting boos from the assembled GOP lawmakers.

"Some Republicans privation Medicare and Social Security to sunset," Biden claimed.

"I'm not saying it's a majority," helium continued arsenic Republican legislature members began to protest. "Anybody who doubts it, interaction my office, I'll springiness you a copy. I'll springiness you a transcript of the proposal."

"Liar!" Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., shouted.

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